Development from the beginning until today

Edition Güntersberg came into being because we wanted to broaden the repertoire of viola da gamba music by practical editions of unavailable (or no longer available) or otherwise unpublished music. As time went by we enlarged the number and type of instruments, but the music for viola da gamba is without doubt still our focal point.

Our work is devoted to consort music as well as to chamber and solo music. With our editions we aim not only at professional musicians, but also at all other people who perform music.

We started in 1998 with the edition of the complete instrumental works by Eustache Du Caurroy in 7 volumes for consort of 3 to 5 parts. In the year 2000 this was followed by an edition of the instrumental music by Andreas Hammerschmidt (“Erster Fleiß” and ”Ander Theil” for consort of 5 parts).

After that we published a comprehensive collection of the era of the „Berlin School“ under the title „Königliche Gambenduos“ – „Royal Gamba Duets“ as a First Edition. In 2002 and 2003 several works from this period followed, for example the first edition of the two Trios Concertante by Johann Gottlieb Graun and sonatas for viola da gamba by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach and Christoph Schaffrath.

In 2004 we published three trios of the same epoch by J. G. Graun for viola da gamba and obbligato harpsichord. For these editions we could use the sources of the Berlin Sing-Akademie, which were by then accessible again - two of which are autographs. Another high point was the publication of the 6 sonatas for violin, viola da gamba and basso continuo by Philipp Heinrich Erlebach. For consort we edited among others the well received sonatas for 5 and 6 parts by Clemens Thieme.

In 2005 the third sonata for viola da gamba by C. P. E. Bach was published. Besides the well known version for gamba or viola we also published the version for violin, based on a manuscript from the Berlin Sing-Akademie. Furthermore, we published the double concerto for violin and viola da gamba by J. G. Graun, which was a major project for us. Also noteworthy is our first edition of a collection of early classical sonatas for two bass viols from Paris at about 1750, which we called “Pariser Gambenduos” – “Parisian Gamba Duets”. The composer of these still remains unknown today, in spite of our intensive research in this matter.

In 2005 for the first time we published some facsimile editions. The biggest success of these was the solo by Buxtehude, in which facsimile and modern edition are present in the same booklet. Also in this year we published our first editions without viola da gamba: six sonatas by Guignon for two violoncelli (and in a separate edition for 2 gambas), and the abovementioned sonata by C. P. E. Bach for violin and harpsichord. The total number of our available titles has risen to 74 at the end of 2005.

The paragraphs about the following years have not yet been translated, sorry. You find them in German here.

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