Sound samples

Since 2015 we have sound samples for several of our editions. These are partly private recordings, but there are also recordings which we took from official CDs. Our goal is to give you an impression of the music.

When an edition has sound samples, you see the following line on the left side of the related details page:
"Sound samples "Klangbeispiel"". If you click on this line you arrive at a page showing the available sound samples for this edition. Click on one of the red triangles, to start playing. A seond click on the same symbol ends the playback.

Following is a listing of those editions which already have sound samples. A click leads you to the details page of you choice.

G033-G037   Roayl Gamba Duets
G039-G040   JGGraun, Trios Concertante
G048   Schaffrat, Sonata in A major
G050   CPEBach, Sonata in C major
G061   Pfeiffer, Sonata in D major
G087   Schaffrath, Duetto for 2 violas da gamba
G090   Abel, Two Berlin Sonatas for viola da gamba
G128   Locke, Duos for two Basse-Violls
G142   Abel, Sonata Viola da Gamba Solo Senza Basso
G149   Handel, Sonata in G minor
G167   Händel, XII Fantasie a Cembalo Solo
G174-G178   Haydn, Barytontrios
G179-G184   Haydn, Barytontrios
G188 Abel, Sonata (First Pembroke Collection)
G220   Aires & Symphonys for viola da gamba solo
G221-G223   Pieces for the Bass Viol Lesson
G224   Couperin, Les Goûts-réünis for 2 violas da gamba
G226-G227   JCBach, Sonatas for pianoforte and viola da gamba
G242-G244   Sainte-Colombe, Concerts a deux VIoles Esgales
G250-G254   Abel, Zweite Pembroke Collection
G262-G264   Dreyer, Six Sonates Concertants
G269-G271   Handel, Twelve Kassel Sonatas
G275   Galuppi, Suonata a Viola da Gamba in G major
G281 Telemann, Fantasias for Viola da Gamba solo
G282 Abel, Ledenburg Sonatas
G294 Abel/Stamitz, Trio in B flat major
G295 Abel (attributed), Two Trios