Cover pageCarl Friedrich Abel (1723–1787)
The Drexel Manuscript

29 Pieces for Solo Viola da Gamba A1:5-33

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Editor: Günter and Leonore von Zadow, publication date: 2018-08, source: US-NYp Drexel 5871

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G333Abel, The Drexel Manuscript, 29 Pieces for Solo Viola da Gamba A1:5-33, VdG, in treble/bass clef, in alto/bass clef, 56 p., ISMN 979-0-50174-333-921.50 €


Carl Friedrich Abel’s twenty-nine pieces for viola da gamba solo, which are preserved in the Drexel Collection, belong in the standard repertoire of every ambitious gambist. The individual pieces in this autograph are ordered by key, but are otherwise not related to one another. Alongside many well-structured fast and slow movements in binary form, there are also several short pieces that can be considered exercises and that afford a glance in the practice habits of the gamba virtuoso. Since Abel obviously wrote this manuscript for his own use, there are not a few ambiguous or faulty passages. In our edition for practical use, we have corrected and documented these in an extensive Critical Report. In the main section, we have retained the original treble clef, but include a supplement that is notated in alto and bass clefs as is usual today.

Errata / Addenda

[16.11.1918] [7]
G333 and G333A, page 7, bar 74, note 5 [IS A, SHOULD BE F sharp], i. e. a third lower. We thank Jin Kin.

[24.11.2020] [Critical Report]
Unfortunately, due to a printing error in some copies of G333 "The Drexel Manuscript", pages 24 to 26 remained blank. These pages should contain the Critical Report. We have made these pages available for download.